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Auto Body Repair in Chester Township, Pennsylvania - Your Rights

When it comes to auto body repair and your insurance company, they may attempt to steer you to having your vehicle repaired at a particular solicited body shop on their network list. This is not the case—and is, in fact, ILLEGAL. You have the right to take your vehicle to anybody shop you like to ensure that the work is done properly. Any insurance company who attempts to require that you take your car to a particular shop for repairs, is committing an illegal practice.
Collision — Auto Body Repair in Chester Township, PA
It is completely ILLEGAL for your insurance company to force or coerce you to use the body shop they choose. They also cannot force you to drive your unsafe vehicle to a drive-in claims center for an estimate. Our in-house insurance claims experts can help you handle the insurance company, because the insurance company may try to talk you into choosing a body shop "on their list" either owned or controlled by the insurance industry.
Insurance companies may use these tactics to get a discount on the service for referring you to their auto body repair shop. This system works out great for the insurance company and the shop you're referred to, but it could be bad for your car. Often, these shops may cut corners and/or use inferior (overseas, counterfeit, generic) parts to save money.
Remember, when it comes to auto body repair for your vehicle, the choice is yours, and the insurance company cannot make the decision for you.
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